Mutiny Ups the Bounty / by Lauren Stumberg

This past weekend, Deer Bear Wolf partnered with Mutiny Artwrx for Phoenix Fest, an annual event centered around art, music, performance and community. It was opportunity for people to connect with artists, support local art, witness the creative process, have conversation and hear/tell stories. It was, as usual for a Deer Bear Wolf event, a great success.

I got to meet people, reconnect with friends, spread the word and raise money for the Moreland Mural Project, display and sell both original artwork and my design prints of Atlanta neighborhoods. It was a great day.

The bigger impact for me though was the way the Mutiny community came together to prepare for the event. Artists often need firm deadlines to get things done, and this event was, in my opinion, the kick in the ass some of us needed to set up our studios and get shit done. We leaned on each other for resources to clean, paint, move furniture, borrow brooms, jigsaws and screws – we began to really build our community because we had something bigger than us to unite around. 

Now in my sixth month at Mutiny, I feel like I'm starting to really settle in. I feel like the vision for the space is starting to manifest, and I look forward to all the things we keep doing. They may not be as production-savvy as Phoenix Fest, but I'm confident we can now be a growing community space for artistic growth, idea development and creative fun.

Art community – How can we gather together to provide an impactful space for creatives? What would YOU like to see at Mutiny? Let's collaborate!